Kimyada Nevels

Hello Everyone

All about Me

My name is Kimyada Nevels and I was born and raised in Chicago. I currently live north of the city near the lake in a place called Waukegan. I have two brothers Deryck the attorney at a law firm in Chicago, and my oldest brother EJ the Realtor. I enjoy working out, reading and sleeping in. For example, I'm fond of zumba classes one a week that teaches me different styles of dance moves. Also, I enjoy reading news, magazine, that deals with current issues. In addition, to activities i enjoying doing most of all i love to sleep. I just cant get enough of it. For instance, take power naps everyday, and long laps on the weekend.

My education

I'm currently pursuing my Associates degree in Early Childhood Education. I'm thinking of after my associates a minor in psychology. I adore working with children; and assisting them with reaching their full potential.

My experience

Moreover, I have worked in the early childhood field for fourteen years. Most of my experience is with infants and twos. What I'm looking to take from this class is to further my education on the different developmental milestones and best practices while exploring stages of development.