3K News!

Week of April 27- May 1, 2015


5/1: Chicken Run and Tiger Pride and Bake Sale

5/11: Rowan Planetarium Field Trip (Permission Slips went home this week. Please sign and return to school with 50 cents. Thanks!)

5/14: Interim Reports available of Genesis

Fairy Tale Adaptations

3K has turned into a writing colony where students are independently planning, writing, and revising an adapted fairy tale by a specific deadline. Students have chosen their favorite fairy tale to adapt by making an impactful change to the story line. Some students have changed the characters, the setting, and the actions in the story. Writers are focusing on writing descriptive stories that include action, dialogue, and descriptions to make their stories come alive!


This week we started our math measurement unit. We reviewed measuring using the metric system and the U.S. customary system. We used our mathematical skills to measure different objects around the room, including our arm spans. After taking our arm span measurements, we brought together all of our data to analyze. Students analyzed our data using line plots and frequency charts. 3K mathematicians then found the minimum, maximum, median, and mode of our data set.
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Community Meeting

At our community meeting this week, we presented our No Paper Day Challenge to the Tatem Community. We have challenged our school to try a No Paper Day on May 15th. We will monitor our school's challenge on Twitter by using #tatemnopaperday . We have also added our own tips on Twitter. Please feel free to check them out by searching the #tatemnopaperday .