The Fourth Grade Flyer

Mrs.Henderson, Mrs.Gulam, Mrs.Danby, Mrs.Bowles, Miss Pike

September 19 - September 23

What we're learning

  • Exploring decimals - tenths and hundredths - real world application

Social Studies / Science

  • PBL: Eyes of Texas

  • Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition


  • Singular and Plural Nouns

  • Opening Paragraphs


  • Inference
  • Vocabulary Quiz

This week's vocabulary

  1. Towering - very tall
  2. Unfurling - to open
  3. Bloom - to blossom
  4. Dormant - not active or growing
  5. Emperor - one who rules an empire or country
  6. Clamored - to be noisy

This Week's Homework

  • Math Fact Practice (as needed)
  • Spelling City (practice words)
  • Istation

Picture Day

Wednesday, Sep. 21st, 8am

9800 Rodeo Drive

Irving, TX

Please note that Picture Day is coming up. You can simplify Picture Day by ordering online at

  • Picture Day ID: DO316133Q0
  • No need to send cash or flyer back to school when you order online!
  • See more options available online.
  • Use credit card or PayPal on the secure site.

Time For Kids

To help enhance our curriculum we will be using Time for Kids in the classroom. The help with this cost we are asking each learner to bring $5.46. Please send as soon as possible. Thank you.

Note from Nurse Kathleen

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Does your child enjoy creative writing?

The Annual Creative Writing Competition: the deadline is Tuesday, Dec 7, 2016, midnight. The contest is open to to passionate writers in grades 4th —12th. Check it out if you are interested - Click the link below for more information!

PBL Corner

We will be starting Eyes of Texas, our first Social Studies PBL, on September 14th. They will be learning about the different regions of Texas.

Coming up soon!

In next week's newsletter, you will find a sign-up for parent conferences for each teacher. Conferences will be held during the day on October 7th.

Within the next couple of weeks, we will also post more information about our upcoming field trip to Bass Hall, and our chaperone needs and requirements.

Stay tuned!

S.T.E.M Home Challenge (Different from last year!!)

This year's S.T.E.M. Home Challenges are a little different. Instead of each month, learners have 11 weeks and a menu of options. The menus go along with what VRE is learning campus-wide in Science.
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VRE Star Savers Bank

Our first bank day was a huge success! Thank you to all of our awesome parent volunteers, and to our wonderful students for being so responsible!
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Star Savers Bank Dates

October 6 - C/E/D2
October 21- A/B/D1
November 4 - C/E/D2
November 18 - A/B/D1
December 2 - C/E/D2
December 16 - A/B/D1
January 20 - C/E/D2
February 3 - A/B/D1
February 17 - C/E/D2
March 24 - A/B/D1
April 7 - C/E/D2
April 21 - A/B/D1
May 5 - C/E/D2

Book Fair Coming Soon!!

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Dates To Remember

September Dates

  • September 21: Fall picture day
  • September 26-30: Book Fair
  • September 28: Grandparent's Day, CHS Homecoming Parade
  • September 30: Citizen of the Month