Español 1

Getting Started

Class Orientation

This issue will teach you some tricks to being successful in your online Spanish class as well as orient you to the grading standards. Read it carefully and let me know if you have any questions.


Participation -- 10%

This section includes the Getting Started Activities, eLinguafolio, and the RLC.

Getting Started Activities: These are activities that orient you to Moodle and the class set up. Make sure to take your time here to learn Moodle….it will make the course so much easier!

eLinguafolio: These are self assessment and self-reflection activities. The reflections are in English…so this is a pretty easy assignment!

RLC (Required Live Class) These are virtual classroom sessions where you will receive direct instruction from a teacher in real time. The teacher will present the major topics from the Unit. You will have the opportunity to take notes, participate with other students, and ask the teacher questions. These sessions last one hour. Make sure to check the calendar for the dates/times that work best for you.

While you may attend a session from any NCVPS Spanish 1 teacher, I recommend that you try to attend my sessions….this will help us build community!

Speaking and Listening Assignments -- 15%

Speaking Assignments: You will record yourself speaking Spanish according to the assignment instructions. There are a variety of options when choosing how to record. If you already know a way to record and upload .mp3 files, please use your method. If you need an easy way to record the website is an easy way to record, save and submit these assignments.

Listening Assignments: These are quizzes where you listen to an audio file and then answer questions according to what you hear. You have one attempt at these quizzes…do your best!

Reading and Writing Assignments -- 15%

Reading Assignments: These are quizzes where you read a Spanish text and then answer some questions. You only have one attempt at these assignments. Do you best!

Writing Assignments: These are assignments where you will compose a Spanish text according to the unit vocabulary/grammar and the assignment prompt.

Vocabulary Quizzes -- 20%

These are quizzes on the lesson vocabulary. You only have one attempt at these quizzes. Make sure to study before you take them!

Cultural Activities -- 15%

These are English Assignments! Learn about Costa Rican Culture in the unit and write a reflection. These are students favorite assignments!

Summative Projects - 25%

Final Projects. These are like test and are a time for you to showcase how you can apply the Spanish that you have learned in the module to an everyday prompt. This is a time to be creative and really impress your teacher!

Moodle Orientation

Orientation Video

Sra. Lewis has created a very thorough screencast on how to navigate Moodle. I highly recommend that you watch this and practice along. One key to success in the course is understanding how the platform works! Let me know if you have any questions. I am here to support you!


Student Survey

I'd love to learn a little about you. Make sure to fill out the student survey this week:

Text Reminders

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This is an easy way to stay connected with what's going on in class. (This is for students, parents and ELAs.)

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Official Start to Class

Monday, June 15th, 12am

This is an online event.

While the class officially starts June 15th, you will want to start familiarizing yourself with Moodle now. You could even start some of the Getting Started unit. The assignments in this unit are easy and in English! They help you learn the program and how to submit assignments and communicate with me!

Keep in touch...

Make sure to keep in touch with me this semester. Constant communication will be important for your success. You can call, text, Bb IM, Moodle Message.