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Do you need home health care Pennsylvania based that you trust to use proper medical supplies? If so then turn to home healthcare Montgomery County based where they use every piece of medical equipment properly. Gauze pads are extremely useful and have many practical uses both inside and out of medicine. Gauze pads come in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes. These bandages are designed to keep grime and other contaminants out of wounds while allowing air to circulate increasing the quickness of healing. This article will discuss the wide variety of pads.

• Sterile Gauze pads – these pads come individually packaged and are designed to help prevent contamination of the pads. Size and shapes of these pads vary. They normally range between two and eight inches and come as squares. Sterile pads are recommended by health professionals when treating wounds and burns.

• Non Sterile Pads – these pads are used most frequently to cover contusions, bumps and closed wounds. Non sterile pads are able to provide comfort and cushion to the areas that they cover. Most frequently they are packaged in boxes and sizes are similar to sterile gauze pads.

• Gauze Rolls – Rolls are often used by medical professionals to wrap sore muscles, sprains and strains. These bandages are typically used to cover large areas of skin. Additionally gauze rolls are often wrapped around to sterile gauze pads to secure them in place. These rolls range between two and six inches in width.

• Stretch Gauze – These elastic bandages are designed to be more comfortable and compatible for wrapping wounds and large body parts. Often times these types of bandages are known as Ace wraps. These wraps are also re-useable and can be machine washed to be used for multiple injuries. The widths and lengths of stretch gauze vary widely.

• Plaster Gauze - These strip bandages are designed with gypsum plaster fixed into the fibers of the gauze. Users cut the roll into narrow pieces, wet it, and form it around an object to provide a strong protection. This type of gauze was used in creating casts for broken bones prior to the use of fiberglass casts.

Gauze was originally made with silk, however times have changed and gauze is now produced using synthetic fibers that provide for the highest level of wound protection. Furthermore modern medical gauze pads are coated to help to prevent it from sticking to wounds.Gauze pads are an essential for providing immediate protection of wounds in any first aid kits and used by thousands of doctors to insure that their patients are protected from infection.

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