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Before 1991 Belarus was known as the Belorussain. Belarus is the product of a millennium of development under the impact of a number of diverse factors. The ethnographic background of Belarusians, the paganism of the early settlers and their hosts; Byzantine Christianity as a link to the Orthodox religion and its literary tradition.
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Famous Land Marks

The Mirsky Castle Complex is a UNESCO world Heritage site in Belarus. It's located in the town Mir, in the Karelichy District of the Hrodna voblast. Mir Castle Complex is situated at an elevation of 164 meters. At first in 1939 the castle was originally located in Poland. This is one of the most Famous landmarks in Belarus. In 1818 the castle was abandoned for nearly a century. It had suffered the severe damage in the Battle of Mir. The owner Dominik Hierronim Radziwill died from battle injuries. Dominik passed the castle down to his daughter Stefania.
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Current Event

The journalists asked dozens of questions on a variety of topics: foreign and domestic policies of Belarus, economic and financial situation in the country , export diversification personnel policy and wage issues in the constructions industry , housing and utility services, corruption, the response of government agencies to the criticism in mass media, communication between government officials and journalists.
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The Belarussian Government or Council of Ministers is made up of the Prime Ministers of Belarus, his deputies and ministers. The government is accountable to the President of the Republic of Belarus and the answerable to the Parliament. The Prime Minister is proposed by the President and approved by Parliament. The Governments powers are determined by the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus.
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