Pearl Gems Summer News!!

What an amazing June, Team Pearl Gems!

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I hope everyone had an awesome Canada Day long weekend!
I don't know about you ladies, but I'm so excited for awesome weather! I LOVE the heat! I LOVE what nicer weather has to offer....happier people, outdoor fresh air & of course, styling summery outfits at trunk shows!

What a June!!!! ALWAYS such a crazy time of year with the end of school for the kids, end of activities and planning out summer vacations. It can be a bit much, but somehow we women make it all happen because we are SUPER WOMEN!!! Congrats to EVERYONE for surviving a crazy month in both life and business!
PLANNING is the key to a successful summer!! Having kids at home can prove to be challenging when trying to work from home but it can still be done! Get the family on board of your plans! Make charts to show them "When mommy does "X" # of trunk shows, we will go on a day trip to Y".

With a BRAND NEW 2014 Fall Collection DEBUTING July 17th and a NEW GLAM GETAWAY INCENTIVE TRIP announced at HOOPLA, things are SURE to HEAT UP!!! Make YOUR PLAN! What is it? Hit Level 1? Get EXCLUSIVELY DESIGNED luggage? EARN yourself a FREE trip??!!

OMGGGEEEEE....check out the NEW Incentive earning levels! Let's set some goals!

Welcome NEW Stylists!!

Welcome to your NEW Business!! We are SO happy you have joined as a stylist and are now an ENTREPRENEUR!!

If you are a new stylist, make sure you join our team page on facebook at

ATT: NEW STYLISTS!!!! In case you missed the New stylist Webinar here's the recording:
More training available in your Stylist Lounge & connect with your upline/sponsor!

Samantha Pearson
Alexandra Larose

Sari Sadofsky-Ender

Afroze Rajabali-Jiwani
Katherine McMillian
Laura Lamanna
Jacqueline Coco
Cassandra Adcock


This is SO Doable going into our FALL/Winter Season! Busiest time of the year!

What IF not all those points came from just your own sales but you HELPED new stylists or existing stylists on your team to grow and promote and sponsor more new stylists!!
This will ADD BONUS points to your total and help you hit your goals!!

Want coaching on it? Email me, I'm happy to help you write down your plan to get to whatever Level YOU choose!

Eg. 2500 points ($1 = 1point) = Hanging Jewelry Case! That's $2500 retail sales in 6 months!! That's $417/month from now till Dec. 31st!
Doable? Hells Yeah!!

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You don't have to be Perfect......

You just have to START DOING, less thinking, keep going, revise, reset, declare your WHY and continue to forge on.
Sometimes it's not that easy but when there is a breakthrough (no matter how big or small YOUR goal is), you get this amazing HIGH from it! It's called SUCCESS!!!
From 'qualifying' with $500, Sponsoring your first stylist, hitting the volume rebate of 30% commissions, reaching out to a new contact, OR picking up the phone and finding out it wasn't so bad!! Those are all victories!! Be proud, BE BOLD!!!

I LOVE this saying from Dave Grohl, lead singer of the Foo Fighters! Passion, Drive and Focus!!!!
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ONE NIGHT ONLY! Wednesday, July 23rd at the Mississauga Convention Centre from 7-9PM.
I will not be running a separate meeting.
Leaders in GTA are combining efforts to just do ONE event, ONE night!

  • cheese & crackers
  • cash bar
  • Early Bird Rate is $20 until July 16th (coming soon!)


Fall Sneak Peek! For stylist eyes only! (do not share this photo with public yet)

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There's still time to earn your $500 FALL jewels! Deadline: July 10th! Sell $2000 between April 1- July 10 to unlock your bling!

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Top 10 Sales - Pearl Gems!

You ladies inspire me every day! You fit Stella & Dot and your love of the business into your daily life! Most of you work full time jobs, have kids, volunteer & have busy busy lives!! So I Thank you!
Whether you sold 1 pair of earrings or rocked out your sales to Stellar Seller in June, you are amazing!!!!
Here are your Top 10 sales for June:

Claudia Li-gordon 13168.00

Paola Mariani 6193.00

Sarah Fox 2917.00

Sandy Campbell 2345.00

Chantelle Watson 2137.00

Katherine Ross 2089.00

Amanda Levine 1932.00

Ashley Hokansson 1921.00

Laura Lamanna 1580.00

Christina Greco 1316.00

Tina Ricciardi 1196.00

Top Sponsoring - May & June

Stylists who have sponsored a stylist and help them successfully launch with min. $500!!
Congrats ladies!

Jane McIver 1
Tina Ricciardi 1
Laura Hayos 1
Paola Mariani 1
Rose Faubert 2


Summer Splash Earners!!

Next weeks TRAINING available to YOU! (located in the Lounge) - Self-directed training!

Lead Stylist + Call

Tips From the Top with Senior Director, Blair Critch of Team

Access Code: 6977091

How to Earn Glam Getaway with VP of Training, Danielle Redner
Access Code: 6977091

Maximizing Jumpstart Coaching with National New Stylist Coach, Matthew Aron
Access Code: 6977091

Life Coach Call with CEO & Founder, Jessica Herrin, Topic "P&L Management including seasonal switchover"

Access Code: 5276084

Opportunity Webinar with CEO & Founder, Jessica Herrin
Webinar Link

Password: stella

Access Code: 662 617 169

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Let Summer Sparkle Begin!!

My vision is for women to make a MIND BLOWING income, have CHOICES other than the typical 9-5, and to be IN LOVE with what they do. Inspired? You can do it too!

And I'm here to help YOU with whatever you want to do! Let me know how I can help! I CAN'T WAIT to chat with YOU!