Folk Literature Project

By: Carlie Murdock

Types of Folk Literature

Fables- a short story with animal characters and a moral or lesson stated at the end.

Myths- A story that has heros and gods in it.

Folk Tale- A traditional story passed down orally from one generation to another.

Tall Tale- A usually exaggerated or funny story about folk heros in a local setting.

Fairy Tale- A story that includes a fantasy character like a fairy, elves, princesses, and princes.

Legend- A traditional story based on real people and events.

Aren't hedgehog's the cutest things ever? Yes, they are! If you love how cute hedgehogs are, you should definitely read The Hedgehog and the Mole. And if you think that moles are ugly, you should also read The Hedgehog and the Mole!

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Myth: Narcissus and Echo

The myth Narcissus and Echo is about a man who saw a fascinating reflection in the water. When Narcissus reached out to touch it, it disappeared. So for the rest of his life he stared into the water waiting for that face to appear. After he died, a flower grew in the exact spot that Narcissus sat looking for the reflection.
Narcissus and Echo

Taoism and Confucianism

1. Taoism was introduced by the Zhou dynasty.

2. Confucianism was introduced by the Han dynasty.

3. Buddhism got so popular in 221-581 BC that Confucianism failed.

The Parable of the Prodigal Son

In this parable about Jesus, the meaning is to not spend your money on foolish pleasures, but to spend it on things that you really need. Another meaning is that it's never too late to say sorry.
The Parables of Jesus 6 - The Prodigal Son

The Mole and The Hedgehog By: Carlie Murdock

Once upon a time, there was a hedgehog and a mole. The hedgehog belonged to the most ‘popular’ group in the town. Everybody wanted to be in that group because it was really cool. Then there was the mole. Now, the mole is the total opposite of the hedgehog. No one wanted to be moles friend because she was really ugly and shy. Every day at lunch she would sit alone and have her face in a book because she was obsessed with reading. The one-day the hedgehog noticed her and felt really bad for her, so she said to her friends, “Guys, I feel like I should say something to that mole. I feel really bad for her because she seems so lonely.”

The chinchilla said, “Uh, no! Eeewww, she is so ugly. Just look at those weird things sticking out of her nose. If you want to stay in our group then you are not allowed to be near her or even close to her.”

“Right, like what are those things?” said the cat in a snotty voice.

“Well, I’m sorry if you guys don’t want me to talk to her, but I am going to go up to her, talk to her, and eat my lunch with her,” the hedgehog replied.

“Okay, but you are no longer in our group,” said the chinchilla.

“Fine,” responded the hedgehog.

So the hedgehog went up to the mole and said, “Hello.”

The mole responded, “Hello.”

“How are you today?” said the Hedgehog.

“Fine. How are you?” replied the mole.

“Great!” responded the hedgehog.

And the hedgehog and the mole started talking and realized how much they had in common. The end.

Moral: Don’t let your friends tell you who to be friends with.

The Mole and the Hedgehog Audio


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