By:Jenna Jobe

What it is

Calligraphy is a style of writing. It is similar to cursive but fancier. To write calligraphy you need special supplies.

Country of Origin

The country of origin of western Calligraphy is Greece. Calligraphy is a Greek word. It means beautiful writing.


Calligraphy started out as pictures and symbols. There are two different styles of calligraphy.There is a western style and a eastern style. The western style includes Chinese or Islamic calligraphy. The eastern style includes East Asia, Korea, China, Japan, and Vietnamese. Each style differs in how they want to make calligraphy. In Egypt there was a called the Sumians. They created calligraphy around 200 B.C. People still use calligraphy today for wedding invitations, logos, or graphic designers.


A long time ago the Egyptions used pictures and symbols to communicate but they found that it was easier to communicate using writing. They would get a special kind of paper called papyrus paper along the Nile River.

How does it work/made

You need a special pen called a fountain pen for beginners and a dip pen that is more messy and was the original way. The dip pen is where you dip your pen into ink and then write. The fountain pen is not as messy and if you are a beginner it is considered easier to work with.