Teacher Leader Model Standards

The "What" and "Why"

What are the standards?

"Rather than serve as a comprehensive job description for teacher leaders, the Standards instead describe seven domains of leadership."

~ www.teacherleaderstandards.org

  • Aligned with and modeled after the InTASC standards (new teachers) and ISLLC standards (administrators)

Who developed them?

Teacher Leadership Exploratory Consortium

  • Educational organizations
  • State education agencies
  • Teacher leaders
  • Principals
  • Superintendents
  • Institutions of Higher Education

August 2008

Why are they needed?

  • To stimulate dialogue concerning the skills, attributes, and competencies of teacher leaders
  • To distinguish the role of "teacher leader" from administrative, formal leadership roles

Asking the hard questions... (pg. 5)

  1. Does one have to be a great teacher in order to be a teacher leader?
  2. Is every teacher a teacher leader?
  3. Can every teacher be a teacher leader?
  4. What kinds of knowledge and skills must a teacher learn or develop in order to serve effectively as a teacher leader?
  5. How should teacher leaders be selected?
  6. How do we support teachers in leadership roles?

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