Monday Message

Week of February 13th - February 17th

Happy Monday STARS! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Here is a look at our week ahead.

Monday, February 13th:

Traci will be off campus today at coaching training.

8:35 ARD

10:15 ARD

11:05 ARD

Tuesday, February 14th:

Happy Valentine's Day! PTA will have treats in the lounge for you today!

Traci will be off campus today at coaching training.

8:30 Budget Meeting w/ Tiffany

2:15 Valentine Cookie Delivery

Wednesday, February 15th:

I will be off campus in the morning at an Elementary GT Work Group meeting.

10:20 504 Meeting (Traci)

3:20 Make-Up STAAR Confidentiality Training

Thursday, February 16th:

4th Grade will be taking a writing benchmark today.

I will be out in the morning at a West Zone Vertical Team meeting.

10:20 504 Meeting (Traci)

1:40 McKamy Orchestra will be here to perform for grades 4 and 5.

3:20 GLL Meeting

4:00 SOS Crew event at Christina's

Friday, February 17th:

Campus Professional Learning Day

Sarah and Nikki have planned a great day of learning for you! I will get the agenda to you this week. Please be sure you register in Eduphoria - the link was sent out last week. Traci and I will be at a Restorative Discipline session at Region 11.

This & That

A Peek At Last Week

That's all I have for now! Have a fabulous week!