Winonah Owen-Reese

About me


I have four older sisters (and no brothers) Their names are Amanda, Candice, Brandia, and Bazille. My mom works at the Ymca and teaches Zumba, and my dad works at UW-La Crosse.


I like to shop; I mostly shop at Target because they have a wide selection of things in one place. Also, I like to be lazy. I enjoy sitting around and doing nothing or relaxing. I enjoy walking or biking down my nieghborhood in the summer, but since it's winter I'm not outside much.

Keyboarding Tips

Things You Should Do

  1. Make sure your chair is at a proper height.
  2. Center yourself inbetween the "b" and "n" keys.
  3. Type only with your hands slightly curved.
  4. Put one foot slightly in front of the other foot.
  5. Have a reasonalbe distance between you and the keyboard.

Things You Should Not Do

  1. Don't rest your arms or wrists on the desk in front of you.
  2. Don't slouch in your chair.
  3. Don't look at the keyboard.
  4. Don't type words, instead type letter by letter.
  5. Don't turn your head back and forth to screen or hands.