Hemisphericity Dominance

More of a left brain!!!! 12 pionts

Stephenne 8th period

My score description

  1. Information from part to whole in a straight forward logical way.

  2. See the big picture first, NOT the DETAILS
  3. Information in order from first to last.
  4. Jumps form one task to another.
  5. Symbols and pictures; likes to use letters, words and mathematical symbols.
  6. Processes things that can be seen , or touched - real objects.
  7. Using logic to solve a problem.
  8. Use my gut feeling
  9. Processes thoughts and ideas with words.
  10. Processes thought as illustrations.(visualizer)
  11. Based on reality; focuses on rules and regulations
  12. Creativity; less focuses on rules and regulations

Why I think I am more of right then left!!!