Water Pollution

By: Joey Street


Some ways to prevent water pollution is to not litter, clean up trash while you can, and if you can get trash out of the water it will likely be less contaminated.


If there is much water pollution on the Earth how are we going to drink water without all of the trash that is in the water. But its not only for our sake its also for the underwater critters how are they going to be able to live with all that garbage pilled on top of the water.

State, National, Or Global environment issues

This is a Global issue because everyone in the world is not getting enough healthy drinking water. I know that in some country's that are poor don't have safe water but this is making the water even more dirty.

How to be and advocate for Water pollution

To be and advocate for water pollution you can try not to litter near ponds,lakes, or oceans, or not anywhere at all. if you do see trash try to clean it up to make not just the water cleaner but the whole world cleaner.
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