Welcome To Mica High School

Home Of The Electrons

Tips For Surviving Mica High School

1. Make Friends

2. Don't Be Shy

3. Be Yourself

4. Be Nice

5. Go On The Hot Seat

Top Topics For Conversation

1. Hot Seat

2. Football Games

3. Basketball Games

4. Cheerleaders

5. Stargirl

Tips For Sports Fans

1. Cheer for Electron's Basketball Team

2. Cheer for Electron's Football Team

3. Look at the Cheerleaders

4. Know the Basketball team is really good

5. Try to cheer for both teams

Things You Should Know About The Kids In Mica High

1. Hillari Kimble is the popular girl.

2.Kevin Quinlan is the host on the Hot Seat.

3. Leo Borlock is the director of the Hot Seat.

4. Wayne Parr is the role model of the school.

5. Mallory Stillwell is the head cheerleader.

Things To Know About Archie

1. His real name is Archibald Hapwood Brubaker

2. He is a retired paleontologist

3. He is the leader of the Loyal Order Of The Stone Bone

4. His house is covered with fossils and old bones of prehistoric animals

5. He talks to Senor Saguaro(cactus in backyard)

Cool Nicknames

1. Pocket Mouse

2. Mudpie

3. Hullygully

4. Stargirl

5. Susan(Original Name)

Resources For Newcomers(you can find upcoming events and news in these)

1. The plywood roadrunner

2. Fillers in the newspaper

3. Bulletin board in restaurants

4. Bulletin board in the school

5. Newspapers

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