Happy Birthday Deziree!!!

It's your 5th Birthday!!!

It's your 5th Birthday!!!

It's your 5th birthday today!!! I can't believe it!!! I love u Deziree and we can't believe how much you've succeeded in life so far!!! You are an amazing person to be around and I love spending time with you!!! If I had to chose between you and Mason I would choose you for sure!!! You mean everything to me Dezi, and tht will NEVER change I love you!!!


You are an amazing kid!!! I love u and you should spend the night sometime soon because i know tht u have an awesome time over here and ill try to spend the night over there before school starts again!!!

Your Birthday is guaranteed to be awesome!!!


Your are a terrific kid and sometimes I wish u were my little sister!!!

Happy Birthday

Happy 5th Birthday Deziree and I hope you like this!!!!!