Birthday Brochure (May, 28,2002)

by Shaffer Landuyt

Famous People

  • Jerry West (basketball hall of famer and logo inspiration)
  • Michael Oher (football player and inspiration of the movie Blindside)
  • Jim Thorpe (athlete)
  • Navarro Bowman (football player)
  • Marco Rubio (politician)


  • 1754 Battle of Jumonville Glen (led by George Washington)
  • 1863 1st black regiment enlists in Civil War
  • 1951 Willie Mays hits 1st major league homerun
  • 1997 Bob Dylan is hospitalized with histoplasmosis
  • 2006 Barry Bonds passes Babe Ruth on all time home run list with 715


Facts About May

Facts About 2002 (sports)

  • World Series Champs: Anaheim Angels
  • Superbowl XXXVI Champs: New England Patriots
  • NBA Finals Champs: Los Angeles Lakers
  • Stanley Cup Winners: Detroit Red Wings
  • U.S. Open Winner: Tiger Woods


Birthday Memories

  • 2008 I rode a motorcycle for the first time then burnt my leg in the muffler
  • 2014 I found out I needed glasses
  • 2015 I went professional airsofting for the first time