Want to get involved at Texas A&M?

Join the ALEC Graduate Student Society (AGSS)

Open Invitation to ALEC graduate students:

It is our pleasure to invite you to join the ALEC Graduate Student Society (AGSS). AGSS is a social and professional network made up of ALEC graduate students (although faculty also have an option of joining). We regularly organize social engagements such as lunches, “happy hours”, and annual end of semester parties. We also support each other professionally during national academic conferences, Texas A&M’s Student Research Week, and by hosting professional development meetings.

We welcome all types of students, however members living in the Bryan/College Station and who are full-time students will gain the most benefit.

Okay Sounds Great, So How Do I Join?

AGSS is a voluntary student organization. Being an ALEC graduate student does not automatically make you are an AGSS member. But, we want every ALEC graduate student to be a member! How do you become an AGSS member? Please fill out the contact form below which will allow you to receive future emails from AGSS. We have two upcoming events; a happy hour gathering this Friday from 5-7PM at the Rebel Drafthouse in Northgate, and a “welcome back to ALEC” party at Dr. Elliot’s residence on October 4th of which we will need volunteers to help set-up.

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Need More Information?

Feel free to contact us via email or come by and see Chris, Emily, or Kevin.