The dangers of the human race.

By: Haley Aug & Trent Vondenstein

Scientists predict that the human race has caused over 2 million species to go extinct. despite knowing this, people proceed to injure animals and cost them their lives. Man kind has affected other species for its own selfish needs, without thinking of the effect on the animals.

In Florida the panther population has dwindled down to just 100 - 160 left due to their environment being destroyed. " Their habitat is continuously shrinking due to the construction of housing, shopping centers, and rock-mines"( Sun Sentinel 15 ). On top of that , they are beginning to lose their fear of humans, causing some panthers to be hit by cars and in even worse situations shot as they venture in to more urban areas.

However panthers aren't the only animals being selfishly abused, Alpacas are continuously being neglected for wealth. " A female could sell for $70,00 and a male for $30,000" (Seattle Times 13 ). With this in mind many people have taken to raising and selling alpaca, However they don't take into consideration that alpaca are extremely expensive to maintain and keep healthy. Due to the price many ranches are seized each year for neglection of alpacas. In one case 15 alpacas needed special care, 16 were found dead, and 20 later died.
The Endangered Species Club Theme Song
list of endangered animals.


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