Mr. Ross' Weekly Newsletter

March 20, 2015

"Every strike brings me closer to the next home run."

- Babe Ruth

What Will We Be Learning This Week?


We have started Unit 6 in Math Expressions, which focuses on multiplication and division.

Here are some videos that show how to use some of the multiplication strategies that we are learning in class (especially helpful to those of us who learned "old school" math):

Area Method

Rectangle Rows

Shortcut Method

Lattice Method

Language Arts

We will be reading Heat Energy, a leveled reader that coincides with our study of energy.

Social Studies

We are starting to look at the causes of the Civil War by examining the differences between the northern and southern economies.


We will continue our Energy: Conservation and Transfer unit. This unit covers how energy is transferred from one object to another.

The unit test will be the day before spring break, Thursday, April 2.

Here is the link to the unit study guide for your reference:

Energy: Conservation and Transfer Study Guide

Odds & Ends

Blackburn Has Talent Gift Basket

Our homeroom has been asked to create a "Car Care" themed gift basket for the auction at the Talent Show. If you would be willing, please begin sending in any automotive themed items such as cleaning products, air fresheners, and anything else that you would think would be appropriate. The PTO will be collecting items until April 17. Thank you for your help with this!

Technology in the Classroom

We have started using Google Classroom, which is basically a way for me to organize digital assignments and materials for students that I would have otherwise just uploaded to Google Drive. You can access this by going to The student login is the same as for the other google accounts.

Thank you for sending in the tablets and other devices for your children to use. We are now using these devices on a daily basis in our classroom so they are very helpful to have!

Upcoming Events

4/3-4/12 - Spring Break (no school)

Upcoming Field Trips:

4/15 - Presentation by Joyce Moyer Hostetter (author of "Blue") at LRU

4/23 - Science Center Field Trip (rescheduled) - Fire and Ice

5/8 - Science Center Outreach Program at Blackburn - Weather

Block Schedule

Monday 3/23 - Drama

Tuesday 3/24 - PE

Wednesday 3/25 - PE

Thursday 3/26 - Music

Friday 3/27 - Drama

Monday 3/30 - PE

Tuesday 3/31 - PE

Wednesday 4/1 - Music

Thursday 4/2 - Drama

Friday 4/3 - No School (Spring Break)