Classroom Update

Pre-Spring Break Reminders

Reminders and Events

  • Monday Folders will come home tomorrow.
  • Reading logs are due on Thursday.
  • Sock Hop 2013 will take place on Thursday, 3/28. 5th grade students will be admitted to the Sock Hop with their 5th Grade Entrance Behavior Card. Students maintaining positive behavior up to and including the day of the Sock Hop will be allowed to attend.
  • No School on Friday, 3/29. Spring Break begins at dismissal on Thursday, 3/28. School will resume on Monday, April 8th.
  • There will be no Friday Report this week.
  • ARC will begin after Spring Break. Permission forms will come home for you to sign and return. Please ensure that they are returned as soon as possible.
  • 5th Grade will travel to the Blue Rocks game on April 17th. The trip has been sponsored; therefore, the cost for students is $0. Permission slips were sent home last Thursday and should be returned as soon as possible! If you sent in a note that you would like to chaperone, I will be in touch. There are a limited number of spots available and slots will be filled in the order that notes were received. I will let you know by the end of the week if we are able to have you along with us. Thank you for your willingness to join our trip!
  • The second round of Reading and Math DCAS is scheduled for April 22-26.

Students who received less than a Performance Level of 4 will take the DCAS again. All students worked extremely hard and were focused on doing their best. I am VERY proud of the progress students showed during the first round of testing. We are working to effectively cover as much content as we can before DCAS and strength areas of weakness determined by the last round. This preparation is not just for DCAS, but for middle school and beyond. ALL students, whether testing again or not will continue to be challenged at their levels for the remainder of the year!

Curriculum Notes

This week in reading...

Students are working on Figurative Language using "Chester Cricket's Pigeon Ride."

Robust Vocabulary Words: excursions, giddy, pinnacle, gleeful, panic, turbulent, and precious

Asking Questions: We will be working on types of questioning.

  • Right There Questions
  • Think and Search Questions
  • Author and You
  • On My Own
  • *To learn more about these types of questions click here.
  • Writing...
  • Our 6+1 Trait of focus is word choice.
  • This trait will be addressed and practiced both whole group and in centers.

    This week in math...

    Students have worked well with decimals. We have compared, ordered, converted decimals to percents and fractions to decimals, added, subtracted, and multiplied! As a culminating activity students will be completing a project applying all of these skills and examining how each skill applies to real life. Relevance is huge!

    This week in science...

    We will be wrapping up our study of Mixtures and Solutions. Students will predict and observe how various chemicals will react when added to water together. The reactions will be observed in various settings. No worries, we will have our goggles on and no explosions will occur... I hope!

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