The new iPhone 5 finally released!!

available from only £529 from over 5 stores

the biggest thing to happen to apple, is the iPhone

the all new design

it didn't seem possible that a mobile with so much, a larger display screen, a fast chip, ultra fast wireless connection, an 8MP isight camera, lighter and thinner than the previous iPhone (iPhone 4s) would be able to be made but we did it and the iPhone 5 is the thinnest and lightest phone yet to be released.

The Amazing 4-inch display

the brand new design of the 4-inch screen is new and improved, and lets you see more of everything, makes everything you see more lifelike with the excellent 1080p HD screen. although its a more larger screen than the previous iPhone we kept the same width so its still as easy to use with one hand.

Ultra fast wireless

with the new and latest wireless technologies, the iPhone 5 connects to more networks all over the world. and the WI Fi is faster too. so you are able to browse, stream content and download at outstanding speeds, wherever you happen to be!

powerful, magnificent A6 chip

the all new apple designed A6 chip in iphone 5 is powerful but doesnt use alot of power. CPU performance and graphics performance is upto twice as faster than the A5 chip