Child of the Dark

The Omelas's stress toy

About me:

Who knows if I'm a boy or a girl. I'm the master of illusions. Am I 6, 7, or 8? Neither I'm 16! I live in the basement closet and I'm not the biggest fan of mops.
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Braveheart Freedom Speech (HD)
The child wants a warm bed to sleep on instead of a cold, hard, cement basement floor. A home cooked meal, like the families above had, instead of the moldy leftovers would also be appreciated. It's so dark and cold that the clothes he wears won't keep him warm and disease-ridden. Just one Christmas with a nice family to love him like no other, and he would ask Santa, even though the child knows Santa doesn't exist, for lot's of toys to keep him entertain in his little closet, but you can't see shooting stars from below so he'll never get his wishes.