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Different Types of Tailor Made Suits

While men would usually consider a tailor made suit to be the same as any other suit, they couldn’t be further from the truth. Suits comprise of four different categories that have been enlisted below.

Tailor made suits are also called bespoke suits and are hand sewn by experienced tailors after taking precise and meticulous measurements of the wearer. This is a lengthy process and involves several visits for perfecting the measurements of the wearer, before a tailor made suit emerges that fits the body shape of the wearer. As can be expected, these suits are labour intensive and take a lot of time to make; equally, they cost a lot of money too.

Custom made suits are suits designed specifically for the wearer. Custom made suits are not necessarily tailor made suits since their fittings, coat fronts, collar types etc. can be chosen, based on your measurements and style preferences. While these suits would provide a better fit than other suits, they still come second to best tailor made suits.

Made to measure suits use a pre-designed pattern that is altered to fir the measurements of the wearer. These suits can either be hand sewn or sewn on a machine. Typically, the fabric used for these suits is not of the highest quality. When it comes to fitting your body, these suits provide better fits as compared to suits purchased off the rack, since these are altered from a pattern to fit your body.

Off the rack suits can be purchased in any departmental store and come in several pre-determined sizes. They provide a series of options i.e. single breasted or double breasted, vent less, with back vents or with side vents etc. Most of these suits are glued together and hence, their quality remains suspect. Additionally, minor alterations will always need to be made to these suits at the time of purchase.

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