BY Jennifer Rush

Brief Summary

There is a 13 year old girl named Anna. She lives with her dad and her mom died when she was 1. Anna's dad works for a place called The Branch, and The Branch is working on a project where they are genetically altering four boys, Cas, Trev, Nick, and Sam. Connor, who is the head of the Branch, comes to take them away and all the boys escape and Anna goes along with them, leaving her family, friends, and life behind. They all go on a trip to a safe location Anna's dad told them to go to. On their way there they try to piece together their past before Connor takes it away from them.

List of Characters

  • Sam- he has stolen Anna's heart
  • Trev- smart and caring
  • Cas- lightheaded and playful
  • Nick- solemn and brooding
  • Anna
  • Anna's dad
  • Connor- head of Branch
  • Anna's mom (dead)

Character Analysis for Sam

Trait 1: Smart

He is smart because him and Anna play chess every night and he planned the escape from the lab and it worked.

Trait 2: Liar

He shows he's a liar because of what he says to Anna after they escape the lab: "We were never friends, Anna. I was a prisoner in your basement for five years. Before that, I suspect I was with the Branch for several more. I gained your trust from the beginning so I could get the others and myself out of the lab."

Quote from or about character:

"Sam had been genetically altered, made into something more than human, and it showed in every efficient curve of muscle in his body. It was hard to compete with that. Even his scars were perfect."


The theme is to learn that you can't always trust someone, no matter how much you like them. Also to do what is best for yourself, your family, and your friends.

Important Event

Anna, her father, and the boys live in Treger Creek, New York. It's small. It's an everyone-knows-everyone kind of place.


I would recommend this book for teenage girls and boys and also for anyone who likes drama, action, and/or a story with cute boys and a little romance, because you get so into the romance, action, and drama, you just don't want to stop reading it. This book keeps you guessing and on the edge of your seat the whole time. It's a great book.