LV Technology Units

By: Cameron Reinsbach

Typing Web

  • We have 5 minutes every class you come in
  • There are about 11 lessons in a course
  • You start at the intermediate course
  • By the beginning of the second quarter intermediate needs to be about half way done to get a 3


  • iTrailer is a little preview of a movie
  • You get to pick what ever you wanted it to be.
  • it had to be exciting not boring

Haiku Deck

  • You get to do your dream job
  • The presentation has to be 10 or more slides
  • In Haiku Deck you can type and add photos of what you want

Explain Everything

  • We had to pick a math problem and solve it
  • You have to record your voice explaining the problem
  • The presentation had to be at least 2 slides

Career Locker

  • You learned about jobs and collages
  • There were jobs that you could pick as your favorite job
  • There are assessments to see what was a good job for you


  • Coding is like a game
  • The object is to code and run the code you did
  • You can retry courses to wrong fix the code
  • There was many courses to do