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Atticus Finch accused of favouring African Americans

Crime lawyer becomes black lover

Atticus Finch is an admirable lawyer with a twist. Shocked doesn't even begin to describe how Maycomb County feels at this announcement. Mr. Finch is representing a black man in court. Tom Robinson was accused of murder earlier this year and is currently waiting for trial.

Miss Stephanie Crawford made a statement regarding this event. "Well, Atticus comes from a respectable family. His daddy built a good life for his children and I don't think he'll appreciate what Mr.Finch is doing. And the man has two young ins. What will they learn from this?".

We had also spoke to Miss Maudie Atkinson but she refused to say very much. " What that man does is his business. Atticus is doing his job". Some disagree as Atticus is turning his back on his people and the town.

As the date of the trial nears, we'll gather information as best we can and give daily updates to keep everyone informed.

Widow's house burns to the ground

A tragic happening has taken place in Maycomb County. Miss Maudie's humble abode was set on fire early this morning.

The avid gardener stated that the source of the blaze was the fireplace she had left burning throughout the night. "I had to keep my flowers warm. As the weather is getting colder, I feared for my plants. They would die if I never took them inside".

Three fire trucks were called to the scene, two coming from outside the county. The Abbotsville truck and the Clark's Ferry truck from sixty miles away.

As of now, Miss Maudie is staying with good friend, Miss Stephanie Crawford.

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Town dog becomes a deadly mutt

Tim Johnson was spotted mid-afternoon by Jem and Scout Finch. The children described the dog as 'walking incredibly slow' and 'leaning severely to his right side'.

Their maid, Calpurnia, contacted Mr.Finch immediately and kept the two indoors. Mr.Tate was called in to take care of the situation.

After a brief tussle with Atticus Finch, the gun was passed to the lawyer. As expected, Mr.Finch took care of the problem and shot down the mutt.

Our deepest condolences to Mr.Harry Jonhson. Losing a dog is like losing friend.

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