Students need to gain math confidence.

The following text is by Professor G. Gadanidis:

Why you hate MATH and how to feel the LOVE

In search of cool answers to “What did you do in math today?”

A clue to why many people dislike, fear and even hate math,

lies in your answers to the following quiz. Give it a try.

Which statements do you think are true.

 Parallel lines never meet.

 You can never hold infinity in your hand.

 2 plus 2 is always 4.

The typical response is, "All the statements are true!"

The reason so many people hate math is that all of these statements are in

fact false. How is it possible we don't know this? What strange math did we study in school?

Here is a solution example:

Parallel lines can meet

If parallel lines can't meet, then Earth has to be flat and not a sphere.

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Watch the following video by clicking on the link:

This humourous send up of a math class is a familiar experience for all of us.

Consider this question, 'How important is mathematics in everyday life?"

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