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Hand Washing Fun!

Please share this great video with your children ! The more we practice our hand washing skills

the better we keep germs away!

Stop Germs from Spreading: Wash Your Hands | Cincinnati Children's


Why Do People Wear Masks | Little Ones Version | Jack Hartmann

Hi Gators!

Don't forget Our Theme SONG this year is about keeping your bubbles, social distancing bubbles and washing your hands bubble (listen to the link)! We are working together more than ever this year as your S.O.A.P. Squad... which stands for Speech language therapy, Occupational Therapy, Adaptive Physical Education and Physical Therapy.

OT will be available on Monday and Wednesday's in person at Silver Gate.

The Bubble Song: A Social Distancing Song for Kids, Hand washing Song for Kids

Parent and Teacher Resources


In order to have a child's brain fully engaged in a task, it must include an element of each of these 4 things listed below!

"C- Challenge"


"I - Interest"

"N- Novelty"

I also encourage taking a look at the websites:

Point Loma Cluster OT Team

Lora Toland OTR/L -20+ years of experience

Lori Hegerle COTA- 10 years of experience

Carmen Lohn COTA- 20+ years of experience

Kristy Nalder OTR/L- 7+ years of experience