Freak the Mighty

By: Rodman Philbrick

A Musical Playlist

Created By: Isha Thakkar

4th of July

This song reminds me of when Max puts Freak on his shoulders for the first time on the 4th of July; when Freak the Mighty was first created. This scene had a very ubiquitous meaning: Friendship.

Tony D

This song reminds me of whenever Tony D picks on Freak and Max for being eccentric. Being different is like being a zebra in a crowd full of horses. You stand out but it's worth it if you want to be yourself.


This song reminds me of Freak's personality because he is always living in his own little world. He's always fantasizing about: pirates, castles, and dragons.


This song reminds me of Max's personality. Throughout the book Max always says that he is dumb and has no brain. However, at the end when Freak gives him the empty book, he tries to write something and realizes he actually is smart.

Freak Dies

The words, "Without you," is how Max felt when Freak died. Freak the Mighty was like a PB&J sandwich, but now there isn't anymore jelly.

Killer Kane Kidnaps Max

This song is like Max and Killer Kane's relationship. It's basically built off of lies. Max knew that his father killed his mother; he saw it with his own eyes. However, Killer Kane didn't want to admit it.