Marco Polo

-September 14, 1254

Early life

  • Born in Venice Italy
  • His mother was Nicole Anna Defuseh, his father was Niccolo Polo
  • His parents were noble Venice merchants
  • His parents left him with his aunt and uncle while they went to constanstinople to trade
  • When he was young he learned the art of merchanting and trade
  • His parents returned in 1269 basically meeting Marco for the first time
  • At this time Marco was 17 and he his father and his uncle set of to travel to Asia to trade and adventure.
  • They later returned much wealthier and with many treasures
  • They traveled almost 15,000


  • He wrote the book of Polo which is basically the story of his life and his travels
  • He was the first European to travel across Asia through Cathay
  • He was looked upon highly in cathay and learned the culture and he spoke the language fluently
  • He is also known for mapping how the intertwining and confusing silk trade roads of Asia


  • On his death bed Marco Polo made some decisions
  • He decided to set free his life long tartar slave who accompanied him on many of his travels
  • He wrote off all of the debts people owed him
  • He split all his earning into 3 sections, one section went to his family, and another section went to the church, the final section went to Giovanni Giustiniani the priest who wrote his will.
  • Marco polo died January 8 1324