Retail Store Manager and Evaluation

What is the role of a Retail Store Manager? And Evaluation.


The main role of a Retail Store Manager is to oversee all of the operations going on in and around the store. The manager is in charge of making all of the executive decisions on what happens when and where in the store, they are in charge of recruiting new employees and making sure everything runs smoothly.
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Useful Information

The roles of a Retail Store Manager

The responsibilities of a retail store manager are very vast and encompass a lot of jobs, which include:

  • managing a team and helping to motivate them

  • managing and making decisions about stock

  • using technology to analyse and interpret sales figures and to also record them

  • analysing trends so they know what to order and forecasting future sales

  • dealing with staffing issues such as interviewing and employing future staff members and also helping get sufficient training as well as informing colleagues of their performance

  • ensuring that standards of health and customer service are of a high quality and is constantly being met

  • resolving health and safety, legal and social problems

  • organising promotions, displays and events for customers

  • responding to complaints and comments from customers promptly as well as touring the sales floor on a regular basis to resolve issues

  • making changes to store times to ensure that the store can do its best in competing with the local market

  • and finally, dealing with sales when required


Like many jobs salaries vary depending on level of work and experience, below are some expamles of what to expect;

  • Starting salaries are between £20,000-£30,000 dependant on the company
  • Assistant position can earn between £17,000-£23,000 (a very wide range)
  • With more experience comes more pay, ranging between £35,000-£60,000, and in some circumstances £70,000 in larger companies.

in some retailers a bonus or share (a proportion of a companies profit) can be rewarded as well as; pension schemes, company cars, discounts, private health care, professional training, gym membership and travel funds.


The normal working week can exceed 40 hours but during certain periods during the year (such as Christmas, sales and other holidays) many managers work more than 40 hours.

Night shifts, weekends, irregular shifts and bank holidays may also need to be worked as many stores operate on 'out-of-town sites and open seven days a week'.

Helpful Skills

To gain the job as a retail store manager it is useful to present the following skills, be able to;

  • lead a team effectively
  • motive others
  • focus on customers and their needs and wants
  • understand and grasp new concepts easily and quickly
  • multi task and work under pressure
  • have a well developed commercial awareness and business sense
  • want to work as a part of a team and come up with new and fresh ideas
Occupational Video - Retail Store Manager

How to get the job

To get the job as a retail store manager - or any job in retail - it is helpful to have a form of work experience, as well as experience in paid employment, or even volunteer work in a local charity shop. You may be involved in different roles such as, stock management, financing and merchandising - to name a few. But just remember that all experience is good experience and can help towards getting your dream job


Although this job is open to everyone and anyone can get it, a degree or other qualification can help and make it a bit easier to get the job. Qualifications (such as the following) can help boost your chances;

  • accounting and finance
  • business studies
  • fashion management
  • marketing
  • retail management

Post graduate courses in retail management are sometimes required or can also help. Personal skills (below) can also help to promote your chances of gaining the job, and tend to be in favour over academic qualifications. Finally experience in retail whether it be part time work or holiday work can also help, as many retailers look for experience when recruiting new employees.

Personal Skills

Personal skills help to boost chances of gaining any desired job, skills that can help to gain retail store manager jobs are;

  • enthusiasm
  • approachable
  • good customer service
  • confidence
  • understanding
  • knowledgeable
  • bilingual(not required but very helpful)
  • friendly
  • patient
  • polite
  • committed
  • and professinal, just to name a few

Where can you go After?

As you progress in this career you can move up the chain of roles and gain responsibility for a bigger group of people. Normally you start as a department manager, from this you move to deputy store manager then finally store manager. The company may offer more opportunities, such as, moving into regional sales and operations manager, bu this is dependant on the size of the company.

Overall Evaluation

In evaluation I believe that the project went a lot better than I expected. I believe that the bits of the project that I did well was the initial research that I did to find out what each role did and the responsibilities that they had. Along with this I believe that I wrote the smore’s well and the content was suitable for what I was writing about. There are some things that I think I could’ve done better in the project, such as, using a wider range of resources to find the information for the smore’s and this would have allowed me to write more information for some sections - as I couldn’t find all of the information on the internet. Another thing I could have done better was use the smart targets sheet a lot better to make sure I did things to a deadline, as instead I just ended up writing my own list either mentally or on a post-it. If I was to do the project again I would change how I did the research and how much I did, I would write more for each smore which would then allow me to go into further details about each job role. I believe that I planned effectively to meet the deadline as I had finished writing all 4 smore's 6 days before the deadline and only had to do the evaluation and organise the links in the bibliographies by the end of the project. In conclusion I think that the project was extremely successful and I learnt a lot about the roles of a: retail store manager, visual merchandiser, social media marketer, marketer, PR and supply chain manager.


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