Come To Tejas!!

Settlers Welcomed!

Settlers in Tejas looking for Land

Word had spread about the abundance of land in Tejas, with this came the settler known as the Anglo-Americans (The Old 300). These individuals came in hopes of finding large amounts of cheap land. Because Tejas was so new and not many had settled there yet, there was plenty of cheap land to go around. This was a good thing because one could purchase land for as low as $1.25 per 80 acres. This made it easy for almost anyone to become a land owner. Another wonderful thing about settling in Tejas was that taxes were not really collected because it was a new establishment. The downfall was that the Anglo-Americans that came had to perform any task and follow all rules of the Mexican Government in exchange for their land.

Rich Soil

The soil in Tejas was rich and desirable. The rich soil was good for growing corn, cotton, different fruits and vegetables. The crops were used for making clothes, feeding animals and survival. There are many different types of soil in Tejas. Cotton, grain and wheat were among the leading producers. The crops brought in from the soil were a major source of the settlers income. They sold and traded goods. The one downfall was that the land was so flat and irrigation was minimal.
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The settlers relied on many crops as a source of income and survival.

A New Beginning

A new beginning? The settlers that came to Texas were given a chance at a new beginning. This meant leaving their debt behind and starting new. This attracted many individuals and families, after all new beginning are good.