Pearl Harbor

Executive Order 9066

Before the Pearl Harbor Attack

  • Japan and the U.S have been edging towards war
  • Arguments between Japan and the U.S
  • War was predicted

The Attack

  • 8:10 AM December 17, 1941: Japanese fighter planes attacked naval base @ Pearl Harbor
  • 110,000 people of Japanese descent were sent to internment camps

Executive Order 9066

  • February 19, 1942 FDR signed Executive Order 9066
  • Evacuation of all people who may be a threat from the Pearl Harbor attack
  • Men, women, and children of Japanese ancestry moved

The Internment Camps

  • The Japanese sold their homes, buisnesses, and the majority of their belongings
  • 2/3 of the people in the camps were Japanese American citizens, other are aliens

Camp Conditions

  • Overcrowded
  • Provided jobs for internees
  • Had schools,medical care, games, clubs, sports, etc...

Effects After Executive Order 9066

  • Japanese-Americans faced prejudice situations
  • Weren't allowed into places
  • Couldn't buy things