Making a Game in Scratch

by Miri Hartley

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Introduction To Scratch

Scratch is a free program that helps users create games or animations. It is especially helpful as no complicated coding is needed to form something- all the instructions are down the sidebar and they only need to be combined to create something!

What can you actually make on Scratch?

Firstly, click this link to play an example of one of the more developed Scatch games which took a staggering 296 scripts to make!

Tip One

Keep your scripts neat so if you can find the right ones quickly

Extension: Add traps to your maze

Firstly, add shapes around your maze of a certain colour. Then, go to your characters scripts. Add When (green flag) clicked< If touching colour (click on your traps colour)<Go to (enter your starting places' coordinates)

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Add a Villain

Paint a new sprite. Then go to its scripts page and add When (green flag) clicked< Forever< Turn 359 degrees. Next, go to your Sprites scripts and add When (green flag) clicked< If < Go to (enter your starting place' coordinates)

Adding Instructions to your Game

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Why not a scoring system?

Go to Variables< Make a Variable< 'Score' plus check the box 'For this sprite only'. Henceforth, you need to add scripts to your main sprite to make sure the score changes when it does something.

Extension: Create a finishing point by making an extra sprite and ading to your main one When (green flag) Clicked< If touching (insert sprite) Stop All Scripts.

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Creating New Levels

Firstly, create a new background by going into Stage<Create New Background and paint it to be slightly more complex than your antecedent one.

Remember: Use the same colour system as before or the codes will be invalid

Make sure you have something that completes the level. For example, you may want to have your Sprite touch a colour or another Sprite.

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(above) Add these codes to your Sprite and Stage

Remember: You may want to add the purple codes to hide your villain and any other Sprites you have

Tip Two

Use the Duplicate tool to make Sprites for other levels

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Is this where your game has got to?

Basic Scratch Game Example


Firstly, you need to know how to find the coordinates of a certain spot. Do this by hovering your mouse pointer over a certain spot of your game screen and viewing the coordinates in the bottom right.

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Next, on the script page of your selected Sprite, add When I receive LevelUp1 and connect it to Glide 1 secs to x:__ , y:__ . Enter the coordinates of the place that you want your Sprite to end up at. Then add the seconds that you want the Sprite to take to reach the place.

Remember: The shorter the time, the faster your Sprite will travel

Sound is always a plus

Adding sounds is like when you first program your sprite to not walk through walls; it requires a script that makes an instant reaction if an event happens.

Even if you don't want to use Logic Pro to make your own soundtrack you can still insert sounds to amplify the experience for your players. Use scripts like the one featured below to make sounds.

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Scratch Sample Sounds

How to publish your game

Adding extra players

Make a duplicate sprite and make changes to it; colour, keys used to control it (I would recommend the W A S D keys). Then add a scoring system with Variables< Make a Variable. Call the variable Player Two and make sure the For this sprite only circle is highlighted.

To conclude...

If anything goes wrong in Scratch, check your scripts for bugs as well as contradictory ones. Otherwise, experiment, learn and create a great game.