By Nathan Torres


Languages : Switzerland has four national languages German, French, Italian, and Romansch. The German Swiss speak a type of German (Schweizerdeutsch) that can be difficult for other German-speaking people to understand. There are many varieties of Swiss German, and it is primarily a spoken language.

Religion : Roman catholic ( 43.7%) Protestant ( 36.9%) None (11.6%) Muslim ( 4.5%) Orthodox (1.9%) Other (1%) Other-Christian (0.4%)

Economic Activities : Switzerland has one of the strongest economies in the world , known as a banking and financial company. Tourism brings out a lot of money .

Political systems : The Swiss government has three main levels. First level-responsible for issues affecting the entire country( like the president). Second level-responsible for such things as education, law enforcement, and welfare. Third level-At the third level, each city or town has its own government to take care of local matters. The voting age is 18.

Art & Music : The music you would hear the most in switzerland would be folk music.
Religious and folk music dominated the country until the 17th century, with growth in production of other kinds of music occurring slowly.

Customs & Tradition :
In Switzerland, the region where you live determines which word you use for Christmas: Weihnachten(German), Noël (French), Natale (Italian), or Nadel(Romansch). In some places, the Christmas tree is decorated in secret and hidden until Christmas Eve. In other places, the Christkind (Christ child), rather than Santa Claus, brings presents on Christmas. Some families exchange presents on Christmas Day. Others wait until January to open presents.