It is a wonderful place

Some places to eat

Some wonderful places to eat are like

Dars,Langes,Dairy King and a really nice place to eat is the Calumet

These are some nice places to see in Pipestone

If you would like a book you could visit the Pipestone Public Library.

If you like to dance In the summer time we have a Pow-Wow.

Also if you like to play tennis than you can visit our tennis court and a pool for the kids if you bring some.

This is the libray

Some exiting places to see and walk

One the exiting places to see is the windmills because you can get so close to them.

One more exiting thing to see is the water tower it is the oldest water tower in Minnesota.There is also a very nice National Monument there is a walking trail and there is a inside where you can see people carve rocks it is really cool so if you drop by Pipestone you should go there and see it for your self it is awsome and so is Pipestone!

There are some Fesables in this town to here are some names

We have a Water Tower Fest also we have a Civil War Fest and more some come visit us and this town.