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Custom Organic Skincare and Wellness Services

The Oil Apothecary Beauty & Wellness Barn is dedicated to bringing you the PUREST and most holistic skincare products & treatments from the Earth

About The Beauty Barn:

The Oil Apothecary is driven by a passionate core belief that we can ease the common everyday health challenges. We can energize, strengthen, relax and uplift our bodies through the proper use of organic essential oil blends. As the creator, Erica believes that natural, therapeutic and aromatic essential oil blends can stimulate our innate response to heal our bodies, our minds, and our hearts.

The Oil Apothecary began in 2013. As the Founder, Erica Cornwell’s involvement with essential oils began several years ago. Being diagnosed with a Hypothroid and extreme sensitivity to gluten and dairy, Erica decided to use natural remedies to ease and relieve her discomfort. The oils helped her considerably and throughout the next several years, as Erica became a leader in the skincare industry, the essential oils became an occupational necessity. Many of her clients began requesting her oil blends for skin rashes, dry skin relief. Before she knew it, Erica’s friends, family and longtime clients were in need for her secret oil blends. She shared her custom blends with colleagues, employees, friends, and family and created an awareness of the dynamic properties of essential oils. The response was instantaneous and explosive so she decided to start a business solely on these holistic blends and pursue her passion and love of essential oils; her ultimate goal to offer a variety of products that support the body’s own healing process.

What matters most to us at The Oil Apothecary is empowering individuals to care for themselves holistically by creating awareness of the dynamic properties of these wonderful essences of plants, trees, flowers, leaves, needles, and roots of the earth via lovely prepared natural essential oil blends.

Erica is dedicated to helping people transform their lives! She wants to educate and empower individuals to bring balance to their body, mind, and spirit through the use of the powerful essences of nature.

*All skincare products made with organically grown herbs, flowers, oils & grains. No artificial preservatives, petroleum, synthetic dyes, fillers or talc