Adolf Hitler

The Rage Begins (Background)

Adolf Hitler was born in the small Austrian village of Braunau Am Inn just across the border from German Bavaria on April 20, 1889. Hitler, an Austrian living near the German border, became very interested in German Nationalism. After both his parents passed, Hitler tried a career in arts. When that failed, he became very interested in politics. He admires the Social Democrats for their ability to organize demonstrations and propaganda techniques. Hitler had a few Jewish friends and did not openly come out with his racism at the time. We all now his mind is absorbed with hateful messages from the start.

Soon after, Hitler joined a group and became the head of central propaganda. The group attacked communism and was highly anti-semitic. He later changed the name of this party to National Socialists German Workers Party. Hitler was charged for treason and was sentenced to 5 years in prison but was still allowed to see visitors and had his own spacious cell. Hitler was released and immediately begin making allegations toward the Jews. Hitler describes the struggle for world domination as an ongoing racial, cultural, and political battle between Aryans and Jews. Hitler made many promises and got many followers and that is when he strikes. He began mistreating not only Jews but other races.

His Central Beliefs

Hitler's beliefs are terribly racist. He believed that Jews were not created equal to other races. He also mistreats mentally ill people and believe they don't have any rights. Along with the mentally ill, he also hates disabled people. He dislikes all other races too. Mostly, he didn't like people that have different religious beliefs than he does. His perfect race, were the Aryans.

Why Hitler must be captured

Hitler is the cause of why World War II started. He is also the whole reason the Holocaust is currently happening. Hitler is the reason 9-11 million people have died in concentration camps. Another couple million people died in the war aspect so far of this tragedy. The world is in debt and a depression and none of this would be happening of Hitler was captured and killed!


Finding Hitler, dead or alive - $1,000,000

Any information leading to his capture - $50,000


Hitler stopped paying the reparations for WWI. He is not a big fan of the treaty and no one had the money or people to get involved in another war with him. Hitler took advantage of nobody making him follow the treaty and took a well calculated risk. He needs to be bright to justice.