That's How Butterfield Does It!

February 1-5, 2016

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7th Grade EL Unit - Rules to Live By!

What a great example of the awesome POWER of teachers planning together to Ignite a Passion for Learning - NOW! Teachers posted their own "Rules to Live By" to model for our students. It's awesome to walk down the 7th grade hallways - noticing these posters that are inspiring our students as part of this EL Unit! As we conclude this unit on Thursday, February 4th - notice how our mall area becomes a great way to showcase our students' learning with their own "Rules to Live By". Exciting!!


National School Counselor's Week - - - "We appreciate our AWESOME counselors!"

Building off last week's Great Kindness Challenge! and our start of using Live School to record our Habits of Work and Learning (HOWLs), we now have a wonderful opportunity to show appreciation for our awesome counselors! We appreciate Megan and Kim - and ALL they do for our school! They definitely help us "thrive" as we work to meet the needs of the "whole child!"

Final Week of Basketball!

Technology Progress - happening now . . . :-)

  • Infrastructure update - wireless update - almost there!!
  • Chromebooks for every student - in process of getting inventory ready to transfer and Chromebook contracts for each student. Each team will plan the best way to "check out" and "check in" chromebooks during the school day.
  • Communication for each team this week! :-)

Teacher-Led Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) - AWESOME WORK!

We are crew, not passengers.

Other "Happenings" - - -

* Mon - Feb. 1st - Freshman Academy - Assessing 8th grade students

* Mon - Feb. 1st - ACT Aspire Information for Math - 3 teachers attending - will share soon!

* Tues - Feb. 2nd - District PTA Luncheon - 11:30 in our library! Great opportunity to share "How Butterfield Does It!"

* Musical work continues - very exciting!

Daily "Happenings" sent each morning from JW!

STRONG Communication for everyone to be "in the know" and "celebrate" our school!

We are looking forward to ANOTHER GREAT WEEK - - - - - - Week 5 of Spring 2016!