By: Lillian Kiefer

Just The Basics

Islam is a monotheistic religion as well as Christianity and Judaism. The followers of the Islam religion are called Muslims.They often go to sacred place known as mosques to pray to God. A popular mosque that people pray in is the Ala-Aqsa mosque. This mosque is located in Jerusalem. Another holy place in Jerusalem is the dome on the rock where Muhammad ascended to heaven. The people who lead these mosques are known as imams. They teach the ways of the Islam religion. The books they read from at the places of worship are called Koran's. Koran's list things such as the 5 pillars of faith. Each pillar stands for a virtue that Muslim's must follow. The first pillar is called the Shahadah which states that you believe in one god. The second pillar is called the Salat which says that you must have daily ritual prayers. The third pillar tells you to be charitable. This pillar is called zakat. The fourth pillar stands for the act of fasting. This pillar is called Siyamm. The last pillar is called the Hajj. It calls out pilgrimage. The 6 major rules of the Islam religion are the belief in Allah/God, the belief in angels, the belief i the holy books, the belief in the prophets and messengers, the belief in the day of judgement (The day they decide who goes to heaven or hell), And finally, the belief in presentation that Allah has already decided. The god they believe in is the god of Abraham. Christianity and Judaism believe in the same god. Two other sects that originate from Islam are the Shia and the Sunni. They think the leadership should be different that what the original religion says. Three Holidays the Islam religion celebrates are Ramadan and Eid Al Fitr. Ramadan, the month when god revealed his message to Muhammad. Most Muslims fast during this time period. Eid Al Fitr is the end of the month of fasting. They often have huge feasts with their relatives and friends. Finally there is Sabbath. The Friday prayer at noon.

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