El Salvador

By: Fasina Mendoza

Background info:

Capital: San Salvador

Major cities: Santa Ana, San Miguel, Ahuachapán, and Soyapan

It was controlled by Spain and Central American Federation

Gained independence from Spain in 1821, on September 15, and 1839 from the American Federation.

Now no country is in control of San Salvador

Official language: Spanish

The flag

2 Diagonal blue stripes, and 1 white stripe with a symbol in the middle. It rebels a limited Nations-brokered peace agreement that provided for military and political reforms.
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It's located between Guatemala, and the Honduras.

Physical features: mountains separate country into three distant regions, southern coastal belt, central valleys, plateaus, and northern mountains.


Type of government: Republic

Leader: Moauricio Funes

Economic info

Currency: US dollars

Economic system: agriculture

Tourist info

Visit for the fresh sea food, pupusas, hiking on/by the volcano ( some still active), or the amazing arts and crafts in shops!

You should visit Punta Roca, one of there most beautiful beaches in El Salvador! The beach has restaurants, surfing, and relaxation. In there shops they have things from civil war, and things from there ancestors.

Punta Roca

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One of El Salvador's volcanoes

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