The home of freedom and opportunity

Looking for a place of freedom and harmony? William Penn believed in just that for this wonderful new place. War was not in site for William, instead he wanted to grow with the indians, learn new trades and practice peace.

Unlike other leaders, Penn had another idea of how he wanted to colonize the new land. Penn wanted to see more Self-goverment and harmonious relations with the Indians who resided on the land. I believed in his ideas and felt it was an attractive way to bring more people to our new villages. The people wanted to live with freedom of religion and refused to believe in violence against others to get what you wanted. The idea of "brotherly love" attracted my family and friends to come to this place and pursue a hardworking life style. We didn't want to be told who we needed to fight in order to profit but instead, make peace, learn new trades, bargain and spread the "inner light”. The land was a good price and the morals of the people seemed optimal for those desiring a new place. Penn portrayed an image of successful villages. However, in 1700, laws allowing slavery were passed which prompted the people to see that maybe the moral values were not as they seemed and the people began to question the power shapers in this new found diverse colony.