Organization Of Petroleum Exporting Countries

Countries That have Petroleum Gas

Countries that have petroleum gas and how much they have.


OPEC is a organization of petroleum exporting countries which many countries belonged to a cartel. the cartel is a bloc of independent business organizations that controls a service or business and OPEC was one of them. OPEC is the growing sovereignty of oil producing countries over their natural resources. It also consistently locked ways to fulfill its mission of coordinating and unifying the petroleum policies of member countries, and ensuring the stabilization of oil markets.

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What countries pay for the Petroleum Gas and how it is exported.


Petroleum- Is a lack substance that is used for fuel and lubricant. the way it looks is black slick liquid that is flammable.

OPEC- An organization founded in 1960 of nations that export large amounts of petroleum.

These are the countries that have Petroleum gas.

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this picture is about who was producing the most oil during 1970-1997.

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OPEC was created 1960 at the Baghdad conference and it was created by 5 nations :Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela. an OPEC became international in the 1970's which members countries took charge of their respective domestic industries. The organization also became extremely influential in controlling world oil prices. then by the oil prices some if the nations order to keep the oil prices stable.