By:Haley Schweitzer


When you are making a brochure you need to go to pages,click on brochures then you can click on the style you want. It shows up on 2 sheets that both have 3 sides on them. You can format it so it won't get cut off of the side. If you make the font to big then it won't show up so be careful about how big you make the print. You can add pictures on too. They are easy to make. You can use them for fairs, contests, and more.

Making Posters

When you go to pages and you want to make a poster you can click on posters on the side and choose the style of poster you want. With posters you can make a business letter, invitations, cards, and even certificates.


To add pictures you need to pick a picture and drag it to your desktop, then drag it onto the pages document and you can make it smaller and you can even rotate it, make it bigger and smaller, and also change the opacity. Opacity is how seen or unseen a graphic is. The inspector is the toolbar that you can use to edit the text, add and edit graphics, change the color of the text, size of text, backgrounds, etc. The toolbar is very helpful when it comes to editing things. One last thing is rotating. To rotate a graphic just press Command and put your mouse on the top middle square on the graphic and move your mouse either side.