0-10 Billion

By: Trent Young

If the population of humans on earth was 0 then there would be a huge change.

If there were no humans on earth, it would mess up the food chain. A tiger is a top predator in its biome and there would be no one left to control the amount of tigers there are and they would overpopulate the biome. There would be so many that they would kill all of their prey and have nothing left, having to move onto another animal.

The earth would turn into a huge forest because there would be no one left to cut trees. When we use water, it has to be taken out of oceans or lakes so we're basically managing the water levels. Cities would get flooded and eventually everything would be covered in water.

It is believed that people are responsible for global warming and I believe that honestly, we are. Everyday millions if not billions of people drive their cars around to where they need to go and when they do that, they are polluting the air with gas. Global warming will slowly start to decrease and temperatures will drop. If the temperature of the atmosphere gets too low then over a period of time, water could start to freeze and ice caps will be frozen back together.

Having no humans on earth could also be a huge disaster. For example; a nuclear plant. If there is nobody to inspect, fix, or operate the nuclear plant then it could overheat and contaminate all living things around it, and there would not be anyone around to help control it. April 26, 1986, a nuclear power plant caught fire and exploded in Russia. Say if there was no one there to maintain it, then the contamination would of spreaded quickly, contaminating plant and animals nearby. The place in which it happened is still abandoned because there is still signs of possible contamination around the site.