By: Gabriel Sanchez

Astronomer Job Responsibilities

The main task of an astronomer is to use the important concepts of physics and mathematics to study the different aspects of the universe. This study mainly involves researching about the different facts related to the galaxies, star astronomy and the moon. Astronomers visit observatories to note down their observations and finally disclose the truths in the form of theories and research paper presentations. However, they have to be very clear about what exactly they wish to observe and which instruments will be required for this observation.

Salary of an Astronomer

Salary of an Astronomer

Astronomers are generally paid highly, with the median salary going around $98,000. For most astronomers, the annual income ranges between $75,000 -$80,000, and some manage to make over $100,000 with enough experience and profficiency. The type of degree attained from formal education tends to influence the annual salary to a great extent, with those possessing Master’s degrees earning around $10,000 – $15,000 more.