By: KaiLi Long and Natalie Bair

Plot Summary for Poseidon

Poseidon is the greek god of seas and earthquakes. The myth is about how he made an island, Delos where Leto had her twins. It all happened when Zeus and Leto figured out Leto was going to have twins. Soon after Hera (Zeus's jealous wife) figured out that Leto was going to have twins. She forbid Leto to have twins on any land. Leto found an island that was still floating and it was not land yet. Still Leto couldn't have her babies because Hera captured Ilithyia (the goddess of childbirth) and would not let her see Leto. All the goddesses felt bad for Leto and made a 9 foot long necklace out of gold for Hera. Hera took it and let Illithyia go. Then Leto had Artemis and Apollo. Artemis was the goddess of the hunt and newborn creatures, while Apollo was the god of music light and reason. Delos then became the richest of all Greek islands.

What they did

  • Poseidon-god of seas and earthquakes, carried trident, bad temper, made island, let Leto have her twins
  • Artemis-goddess of hunt and newborn creatures, carried bow and arrow
  • Apollo-god of music, light, and reason, carried a bow and arrow
  • Zeus-god of the heavens and earth, had twins with Leto, carried a thunderbolt
  • Hera-goddess of marriage and family, jealous, forbid Leto to have her baby, captured Ilithyia
  • Ilithyia-goddess of childbirth, captured by Hera, helped Leto have her twins
  • Leto-goddess of motherhood, had twins with Zeus


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