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December 18th


Little Buddies!

What an excellent time we had Friday afternoon making magic reindeer food and reindeer crafts! The 5th graders worked with Mrs. Herdendorf's 1st grade class. 5th graders were great role models to their younger peers and ALL kids had a great time working together.
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Thanks Little Buddies!

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Everyday Math

Unit 4 math tests have been sent home! Please review with your child his or her progress. Unit 4 included long division, magnitude estimates, and writing open number sentences to assist interpreting the remainder.

Unit 5 consists of FRACTIONS! Students are learning about ordering and comparing fractions, equivalent fractions, and will be learning the skill of fractions to decimals to percentages!

Practice at home! This week students were introduced to Frontrowed.com This mathematics website is designed to give kids that Common Core review of a specific concept that is or will be worked on in the classroom. Students have been working on fractions as well as basic facts on this website. This website can be utilized from home - https://www.frontrowed.com/ with user code of uuhcvy.


Our Christmas holiday party is set for TUESDAY December 22nd. Students will be exchanging books at this time as well as enjoying some good holiday treats. Students have volunteered to bring in supplies for our party - please check with your child if they volunteered a goodie! And thank you!

Book Exchange Buddy - if you have not yet sent in a book for our exchange please be sure to do so on Monday! - Thank you for your cooperation with this.

Food Pantry - The 5th grade will be visiting the Fort Atkinson Food Pantry on Monday. If you are able to donate non-perishable items, please send them along with your child for Monday.

Ms. Jamie Hahn

Have a wonderful weekend!