Whipping Boy 2 (sample)

by:Lily Mead

Chapters 1&2


“Come on Jemmy I’m finally home and you don’t want to do anything it’s not fair”

“Your not fair” mumbled Jemmy who had just taken Prince Horace on a long journey and the Prince had never thanked him for getting him home safely.

All Jemmy really wanted to do was go safely on another Journey, even though Prince Brat had said he never wanted to leave the castle again. He was afraid Hold Your Nose Billy and Cutwater would find them and take them prisoner again. Jemmy had reminded Prince Brat a million times that that wouldn't happen because the king had wanted to come with them the next time they ran away then Jemmy had a brilliant idea. He would take Prince Brat and the King on a camping trip In the Kingdom and show them what he used to do when he caught rats with his dad before he became the Royal Whipping Boy. Jemmy wish his father had never died and he thought it would be nice to go to his dad's favorite spot to camp. Jemmy’s father had died from Tuberculosis. Jemmy had been miserable and didn’t want to go to the castle but now Jemmy was glad that he lived in the castle where everything was provided to him he no longer had to suffer.

“ All right Jemmy if you don't want to do this what do you want to do” Prince Brat said sounded annoyed

“I want to go on a camping trip” Jemmy said

Jemmy remembered were in the Kingdom of Aaosh his dad liked to go he remembered how he always liked the smell of the pine trees and the campfire he wished his dad could have been there now to see how he had grown and take him there himself but Jemmy knew that was not possible His dad had died 3 years ago When Jemmy had become the Royal Whipping Boy of the Kingdom Aaosh he remembered how excited he had been when he told his dad about it he had only done it so he and his father could live in the castle and out of poverty he tried to remember listening to his dad's friend stories right before he was taken by the king to the Royal Palace of Aaosh Jemmy wished for a long time that his dad would suddenly come back to life but it didn't happen.

“ All right let's go talk to my dad” said Prince Brat

“ Yes” Jimmy shouted

They walked together to the king's court room they knocked 3 times at the door the king opened it they both explain to him that Jemmy had wanted to go camping and the prince agreed and they thought that the king could use some outdoor time the king said this was a great idea but he had no time this week he said that next week though he was an open book and they could do whatever they wanted with him With one exception they had to take the Royal carriage and bring really really nice food so the king wouldn't feel like he was a peasant. Jemmy thought that this might be a little bit different but he accepted but he told the king they would have to go to Jemmy's favorite spot to camp because he wanted to show them how he used to do it with his father. Chapter 2

when they got to the Creek Campground Jemmy explained that they would be sleeping in the Royal tent and not in the big carriage he said that this would be a learning experience for The Prince and the King the king tried his best to feel like he was an Outdoors man but he was used to a big castle and kept complaining that it was too hot to cold or his feet got itchy and his big hiking boots. The Prince and his Whipping Boy just rolled their eyes they were used to this kind of thing especially Jemmy having been on their big adventure as they like to call it. All the sudden they heard a rustle in the bushes and they hid behind the king if hold your nose Billy and Cutwater we're out here they could get caught and they could get hurt but it was just a stray cat and a bunny rabbit. poor rabbit thought Jemmy that cat was definitely going to catch it and eat it then that reminded him of cut water and hold your nose Billy if Royal Prince could Escape them so good that bunny it made him laugh he remember the good old days were he used to watch the birds the rabbits and He missed his father but he knew that it would never be possible for him to come back all the sudden he heard another another thing moving the branches on the in a big bush this was definitely not a bunny or a cat it was the size of a man or something like that he also knew it wasn't a rat because rats like to live in the sewers what could it be? Jemmy walked behind the prince and the prince went behind his father out came a bear a big bear. The king screamed and started weeping so did The Prince And The Whipping Boy but then they saw the collar it was Petunia's collar Betsy came next

"Petunia stop" she yelled

Betsy yelled to the boys they hadn't seen Petunia and Betsy for a month ever since they escaped Hold your nose Billy and Cutwater.

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